headstones in a cemetery surrounded by grass and bushes

3 Important Factors To Consider When Selecting A Cemetery

headstones in a cemetery surrounded by  gras and bushes

Planning your funeral for a loved one is one of the most significant events in your life. It allows you to create a space for you and your grieving family to honor their legacy.  In addition to crafting the headstone and planning your memorial service, choosing where to lay your loved one’s body to rest is equally important.  

How Long Can You Buy A Cemetery Plot For?

Your cemetery plot can last as long as the cemetery itself remains open. But you also need to remember that you’re purchasing the right to bury your loved one there, not the land itself.

Depending on the location, they may have specific time limits to how long they’re willing to rent out their land. Others will simply reclaim the space if it hasn’t been maintained after a predetermined period. If that’s a concern for you, talk to the cemetery director to find out more details about their services.

3 Things You Should Think About Before You Buy Your Burial Plot

If you’re having trouble selecting the right cemetery location, here are a few things you should consider before you make your decision:

Cemetery Rules And Regulations

From monument sizes to visiting hours, each cemetery will have its own rules you need to follow when you sign a contract with them. Failure to follow their rules can lead to fines and other penalties. Always clarify any requirements you’re unsure of with the cemetery staff upfront to avoid any problems in the future.

Your Overall Budget

According to US News, burial plots can cost anywhere from $1,000 to over $4,000. But if you include the memorial service, a personalized headstone, or other personalized features can cost at least a few thousand dollars on the lower end. Other factors determine a cemetery plot’s price, including whether it’s private or publicly owned. Planning your memorial’s budget holistically will help you choose the right burial site without overspending.

The Cemetery’s Location

Planning where you want your loved one buried will ultimately come down to personal preference, convenience, and family traditions. Maybe your family has been buried in the same plot of land, or you want an accessible location for everyone to visit your family member whenever they need to. Discuss this step with other close loved ones and make a decision that works for everyone.

We’ll Help You Choose The Perfect Cemetery Plot

Selecting a beautiful plot of land to bury your loved one is essential to honoring their memory. However, we understand that many options are based on price, location, and personal taste. At Eternal Memorials, we have worked with different cemeteries in the area that can meet your needs for your loved one’s burial. We’ve offered premium memorial services and monuments to thousands of families across Long Island, New York City, and beyond. We are available daily if you need help selecting the perfect location to create your loved one’s memorial. Please visit our website or contact us to learn more about our services or schedule an initial consultation today.

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