How To Choose The Right Inscription For Your Monument

Choosing an inscription for your loved one’s monument is a profound decision that serves as a heartfelt tribute. It’s more than a simple text on stone. Inscriptions are a chance to capture the essence of a person’s life, beliefs, and impact on others. If you still need help choosing the right words, our guide will give you some insights on how to get started.

What To Consider When Choosing An Inscription

Creating the perfect inscription involves deep reflection, so it’s crucial to write something that truly represents the life and spirit of your loved one. Here are a few things to consider:

Reflect On Your Loved One’s Legacy

Think about the qualities that made your loved one unique. Reflect on their values, passions, and the moments they cherished. The more you can remember, the easier it’ll be to select something that truly represents who they were.

Consider Your Monument’s Size

The monument’s size will often dictate how much text you can include in your inscription. Work within these constraints to craft a message that’s still impactful but doesn’t exceed the provided space.

Decide On How Personalized You Want It

Decide whether you want the inscription to be something those closest to them would understand or that universally speaks to all who might visit. Sometimes, a mix of both personal and universal elements can strike the right balance.

Seek Inspiration From Other Places

Look at other monuments, read poetry, or find quotes from figures your loved one admired for some inspiration. There’s no hard rule on where you can find inspiration, and there are  many sources that can help you create an inscription that feels right.

Popular Types of Inscriptions

When deciding on an inscription, there are several popular types that can offer their own unique way of honoring a loved one:

Quotes and Sayings

Inspirational quotes or meaningful sayings can add a personal touch to a monument that reflects the philosophy or outlook your loved one had when they were alive. Whether it’s a line from their favorite author or a saying they often repeated, these phrases can deeply resonate with all who knew them.

Religious Texts

For many, faith and religious traditions play a significant role in both life and death. Including a scripture or religious text can be a comforting reminder of your loved one’s spiritual beliefs. If you want to make it more meaningful, choose a text or verse that was meaningful to them.

Epitaphs and Dates

A simple, yet profound way to memorialize someone is through an epitaph and important dates. These can include the dates of birth and death, followed by a simple statement that sums up their life’s essence. These types of inscriptions serve as a timeless reminder of their journey.

Create An Inscription That Honors Your Loved One’s Legacy

Creating the perfect monument inscription is a tribute that should last generations and be crafted to ensure your loved one’s memory continues to shine brightly. At Eternal Memorials, we understand the importance of every word chosen for this lasting tribute. Our team is here to guide you through each step, ensuring you select something that honors the unique life your loved one led. Please reach out and contact our staff to learn more about our services today.

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