Symbol Examples

Humans are symbolic thinkers, and every tradition brings with it a rich history of symbolism. Click the button below to browse the many symbols commonly used in memorial designs for various traditions. These, and/or countless other emblems, can be designed and implemented to commemorate your loved one.


A Star of David is the Universal symbol of Judaism.


This symbol represents a man who is a Kohen. On Jewish tombstones you will sometimes see a symbol showing two hands arranged for the priestly blesssing like the example here. Used for direct male descendents of Aaron, who was the first Kohen and the brother of Moses.


This symbol represents a survivor of the Holocaust. The memorial traditionally includes a Hebrew inscription at the bottom which translate as: "May his/her/their soul(s) be bound in the bond of life."


The symbol of a water pitcher and bowl. This symbol represents the assisting of the Kohanim. The symbol represents strength and courage. A Menorah or shabath candlesticks is a symbol for a female representing the role of the women in a Jewish home.

Design Elements

Cemetery Regulations and Restrictions

Most cemeteries have rules and guidelines that dictate the style, size color, finish, etc. for monuments. It is a good idea for you to contact a representative of the cemetery to inquire.

Color Selection

Most common colors are gray (Barre), Mountain Rose (also known as North American Pink), Canadian Pink, Mahogany and Impala Black. These come from the U.S. and Canada. Jet Black and India Red are very popular as well as Paradisio, N.H. Red, and India Impala. These are shipped from Africa, and India. When selecting the granite color consider the contrast between the polished stone and the letters and carving that are sandblasted into it.


These are photographs or drawings that have been hand etched into the polish of a monument. They are ideal for portraits of people and animals. An etching can also be used for flowers and other images when great detail is desired. Etchings should only be done on darker granites, otherwise, it does not show enough contrast and is hard to see.

Selecting Style and Size of Monument

Some family lots have one larger monument with the family name(s) and smaller markers for each individual. Single lots will have only one monument on them. Usually these monuments are smaller than family style monuments but can be larger if desired.


Design Selection

When selecting designs and carvings, it is important to avoid overcrowding the monument. If there is an abundance of carvings, emblems, etc. then it may lose its focal point. One way of preventing this is to choose one carving of importance for each person inscribed on the monument.



When preparing the information for your loved one please provide accurate information (date of birth, date of death, and Hebrew text. Family will be supplied with a draft for approval. Once this information is sandblasted into the monument it is permanent.