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Your Guide To Creating A Cost-Effective Memorial Fund

Planning a memorial isn’t easy, but it’s one of those inevitable tasks every person must do at some point in their lives. Creating something unique that honors your loved one’s legacy is the primary goal when building one. But you may also need to be mindful of staying within a reasonable budget. Our guide will walk you through the essential aspects of planning a memorial fund and how to create one that fits your needs!

Are All Memorial Services Expensive?

Memorial services can vary in price dramatically. If you plan on having a traditional funeral service, the costs can range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands. On the other hand, you can opt for a direct cremation or a simpler ceremony, which is often much more affordable. Ultimately, it’s up to you and your family to decide the final price.

Key Factors To Consider When Calculating Your Memorial Fund

When creating a memorial fund, you need to keep a few main points in mind:

Your Overall Budget

Setting a budget gives you and your family a clear idea of what you can afford before planning the memorial’s details. As a point of reference, the National Funeral Directors Association determined that the median funeral service cost was $7,848 in 2021. Although some people spend more or less than this, there are plenty of options that can meet your exact needs.

Your Headstone

A headstone can make up a large portion of your memorial fund. However, don’t think you’ll be forced to sacrifice quality and uniqueness to find something within your budget. For example, granite headstones combine durability, variety, and cost-effectiveness to offer you the best of all worlds. There are also many different inscription options, religious symbols, and other unique designs to make your loved one’s memorial stand out without breaking the bank.   

The Type Of Memorial Service

Another essential aspect to consider is the ceremony itself. Depending on your religion and personal preference, most memorial services are held at your place of worship, your loved one’s burial site, or a local funeral home. These services are often more expensive than other non-traditional alternatives.

However, remember that you don’t need to follow a set plan for your loved one’s memorial. For example, if having a traditional service is out of your price point, organizing a more affordable and intimate ceremony at someone’s home will still give your loved ones a place to grieve together. 

Create A Memorial Fund That Fits Your Needs 

Organizing your loved one’s memorial can be a lot of pressure, especially when you have a specific budget in mind. Fortunately, many cost-effective options exist for creating a memorial to honor your loved one’s legacy. Our experts at Eternal Memorials offer premium memorial services and monuments to many families in NYC, Long Island, New Jersey, and beyond. Please contact us or visit our website if you have further questions about our services or want to schedule an initial consultation today.