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Personalize Your Loved One’s Memorial Service In These 4 Simple Ways

As you grieve the loss of your dear loved one, you may also be in charge of organizing a memorial service. We understand this ceremony won’t bring your loved one back. However, creating a customized service is one of the best moments to keep their legacy alive and provide a space for those mourning your loved one’s loss to grieve together. Our guide will give you a few simple ways to make their memorial truly special. 

Why Do Families Personalize Their Memorial Services?

Many families choose to personalize their memorial services because it makes the ceremony a lot more meaningful. A memorial or funeral is the last chance to say goodbye and remember all the joy, love, and laughter they brought into everyone’s lives. Personalizing it lets you incorporate their favorite music, interests, or anything else they would have loved before passing away.

4 Unique Ways To Customize Your Loved One’s Memorial Service

If you’re ready to create a unique memorial service, here are five meaningful ways to add  personal touches that reflect your loved one’s spirit:

Choose A Personalized Headstone

A high-quality, customized headstone or monument is a lasting tribute to your loved one that will stand the test of time. You can use countless features to personalize it, including symbols, emblems, or inscriptions that will add a meaningful touch. It’s an enduring way to honor your loved one’s individuality and impact on those around them.

Add Their Favorite Flowers

A gorgeous arrangement of fresh flowers could add beauty and a powerful message to your loved one’s memorial service. Incorporate some of their favorites along with some iconic blooms with a special meaning, such as roses and marigolds. Adding this personal touch can create a special connection with your loved one and show how much you still care.

Create A Tribute Video Or Slideshow

Do you want to go down memory lane and reminisce about your loved one? Creating a heartfelt tribute video could be a great way to keep their story alive. Gather some of your favorite videos, pictures, or mementos to highlight their happiest moments with family and friends. This fun tribute could bring back old memories that will make everyone remember their beloved friend or loved one in a positive light.

Choose A Unique Location

Where you decide to host your loved one’s memorial service could be a powerful way to customize the event. For example, if your loved one would relax at a specific beach or area in their yard, consider organizing your service at that location! This approach could create a memorable experience and links the service to a place your loved one felt comfortable in.

Honor Your Loved One’s Legacy With A Unique Memorial Service

Your loved one’s life was unique, so why not cherish it by creating a memorial service they would’ve loved? Whether it’s their favorite flowers or a tribute video commemorating their life, these personal touches have a profound impact. Eternal Memorials has offered high-quality monuments and memorial services to grieving families across Long Island, NYC, and beyond since 1914. Please reach out and contact us if you have any questions or to schedule an initial consultation today.

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5 Mistakes You Need To Avoid When Pre-Planning a Memorial

Accepting the loss of a loved one is emotionally heavy, and understandably, the last thing you want to do is plan a memorial while everyone is grieving. Many families opt to pre-plan their memorial services before their loved one passes to ensure everything is taken care of. Besides making the financial burden easier for family members, pre-planning also lets them grieve in peace without worrying about logistics during such a traumatic time.

5 Mistakes To Steer Clear Of When Planning Your Memorial

While pre-planning lets you organize your loved one’s memorial early, you must ensure everything goes smoothly. Here are the five most common mistakes you should avoid:

Not Involving Close Family Members

When you plan your memorial, keep in mind that this isn’t only about the deceased. While that person is already gone, those closest to them will be left behind to grieve and try to accept their loved one’s death. Try to make your memorial one that brings everyone together during this challenging period while honoring your loved one’s final wishes.

Letting Price Determine Everything

With an average price of a funeral costing over $6,000, it’s understandable that you want to save as much money as possible and keep your memorial costs low. But remember, this memorial service is one of the last chances you and your family have to say goodbye. Remember to be flexible on the details that matter, especially if it’s what your loved one wanted.

Not Planning Ahead Of Time

Most people know they should plan for their funerals, yet only about 21% of Americans do so. By pre-planning a funeral, you have the comfort of knowing that your memorial service provider will carry out your loved one’s final wishes before they pass.


Waiting until it’s too late adds unnecessary stress to your family members during the grieving period. Your emotional stress may also lead you to make mistakes when planning your loved one’s memorial that you might later regret.

Not Paying In Advance

Locking in a price ahead of time saves you a lot of money. It also helps your loved one avoid putting any unnecessary financial burden on those closest to them. As inflation drives funeral costs higher, paying for everything in advance allows you to plan a memorial while it’s still within your price point. Most memorial services also offer installment plans that help you pay everything off over time.

Not Voicing Your Concerns

Organizing the perfect memorial service can be complicated. With many options out there to choose from, you probably have some questions about how the pre-planning process works. Some people don’t voice their concerns until it’s too late. Ask as many questions as you need and explore every option before committing to any memorial service.

We Can Help You Plan Your Loved One’s Memorial

Pre-planning a memorial helps you avoid the added stress of organizing everything once your family member is no longer with you. At Eternal Memorials, we offer customized pre-planning monument services to help you manage your loved one’s memorial and honor their final wishes.

We have been a family-owned business since 1914. Over the years, we have provided high-quality memorial services and cemetery monuments for families across Long Island (Nassau County & Suffolk County), Brooklyn, Queens, New Jersey, and beyond. We are available seven days a week if you have any questions or need help pre-planning your loved one’s memorial. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation and learn more about our services.