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What Colors Are Available For Granite Headstones?

If your loved one has recently passed away, one of the best ways to honor their memory is to create a unique headstone to honor their memory. Granite headstones are among the most popular choices due to their variety, durability, and flexibility. It also has plenty of colors you can choose from based on its origin. If you’re unsure which color would be right for you, our short guide will show you some of the most popular options!

5 Common Granite Colors You Should Consider

Due to granite’s durability and beautiful range of colors, it’s one of the most popular headstone materials. Here are five of the most common colors you see in cemeteries today:


While black is more expensive than other colors like gray, there’s a certain touch of strength and elegance that will make it a popular choice. However, buying a black headstone isn’t only about the aesthetic appeal. If you and your family members are planning on using inscriptions, the dark granite will help them stand out and make everything easier to read.  


Even though gray headstones are the most popular, it doesn’t make them any less appealing. Gray granite headstones have an elegant yet timeless appeal that will also perfectly harmonize with their surroundings. Gray is also better if you and your family are on a budget. On average, gray headstones are much more affordable due to how abundant the mineral is worldwide.


A brown granite headstone could be a perfect choice to give your loved one a unique tribute representing warmth and comfort. Brown is a less common color option, providing a memorial a distinctive look. However, it’s still a neutral color, making your loved one’s headstone subtle enough to blend in with most cemetery landscapes.


In cemeteries, a blue headstone is often associated with peace, harmony, and comfort to those who visit. Depending on which shade of blue you use, it can be almost indistinguishable from grays. It can naturally blend in while still giving it a unique touch. Similar to black headstones, darker blues can be the perfect color if you want your inscriptions to stand out.


A pink headstone is a genuine expression of love, compassion, and warmth. Given how unique this headstone color is, use it as a personal statement to a close loved one of the warmth, love, and affection they brought to everyone’s lives before their passing.

Choose The Right Granite Color For Your Headstone

Finding the perfect granite color may take some time and research. Always consider what each color symbolizes, how it will look in the cemetery, and if it truly represents your loved one’s memory. Ultimately, it’s all about creating a forever resting spot for them that will stand the test of time.

At Eternal Memorials, we provide high-quality granite headstones in different colors for families on Long Island (Nassau County & Suffolk County), Brooklyn, Queens, New Jersey, and beyond. We are open seven days a week if you need help creating a personalized memorial for your loved one. Please visit our website or contact us if you have questions or want to schedule an initial consultation today.

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