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Why Is Granite The Best Material for Memorials?

When choosing a memorial for your loved one, it’s essential to consider the material. If you want your loved one’s memories to last a lifetime, you need something memorable that stands the test of time. Granite’s beauty and durability make it a perfect choice for memorials. The question is, what makes this material the best one? In this article, we’ll explore why granite is such an appealing option.

What Exactly Is Granite?

Granite is a well-known igneous rock found in most places on Earth’s surface. Due to different combinations of feldspar, quartz, and other minerals, granite can have a wide range of colors and textures that make each piece unique. Although its formation happens deep underground, the stone can be uncovered and quarried over time. When the extraction process is complete, the rock is cut into massive slabs and shipped to different parts of the world. Once it arrives at its final destination, you can meticulously design and sculpt granite into various items, including memorials and headstones.

4 Reasons Why Granite Is The Best Material For Your Next Memorial

From its striking colors to its resistance to the elements, granite is the number one material for making the perfect memorial. Here are some reasons why it’s the best choice.

It Has A Wide Range Of Colors

Due to different mineral compositions, granite comes in many colors ranging from different shades of grays to blacks, blues, pearls, reds, and many other variations. As the mineral’s makeup varies from region to region, the colors you’ll see can be unique to that geographical area. Having infinite color schemes to choose from makes granite more customizable if you have a particular design in mind.


The compact crystalline structure of granite makes it incredibly strong, which is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a long-lasting memorial. It’s also highly dense, with one cubic foot of granite weighing roughly 200 lbs.

According to Mohs Hardness Scale (MOHS), natural granite is rated from 6 to 7, much harder than other materials like marble. The increased density makes it less porous and less susceptible to erosion than other stones. Granite can withstand storms, wind, scratches, and other natural elements for centuries, especially if properly maintained. In fact, monument producers claim that granite memorials can tolerate different weather conditions while retaining their original engravings.

Easy to Polish

There’s nothing more stunning than a freshly polished memorial. You can use special tools to give your granite memorial’s surface a smooth, glassy polish that will effortlessly bring out its colors and details. Also, the polishing will act as a protective layer for your memorial, strengthening its ability to withstand all kinds of weather conditions. The increased resistance will help your loved one’s monument last a lifetime.


For outdoor pieces such as memorials, granite is a reliable material, even though it’s not as easy to work with as other options. For example, monuments made out of marble can be easily sculpted. However, they aren’t as strong or dense as granite, making them more vulnerable to bad weather and erosion. On the other hand, granite material is solid and versatile enough for memorial makers to sculpt it into an elegant and personalized memorial.

Granite Is An Ideal Material For Your Next Memorial

If you’re looking for a suitable material for your customized memorial that will last for generations, granite is one of the best options. At Eternal Memorials, our team creates high-quality and personalized granite memorials that will help you preserve and honor your loved one’s memory.

Over the past 100 years, we have provided high-quality cemetery monuments to families across Long Island (Nassau County & Suffolk County), Brooklyn, Queens, New Jersey, and out-of-state clients. We are available seven days a week if you need assistance creating a memorial for your loved one. We invite you to visit our website for more information. You can also contact us if you have questions about our services or want to schedule your initial consultation today.


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