Why Should You Pre-Plan Your Monument Arrangements?

Losing someone you deeply love is heartbreaking. However, making last-minute funeral arrangements will add even more stress to an already difficult situation. For this reason, pre-planning your loved one’s monument or headstone can be the best way to give your family a chance to mourn peacefully without worrying about logistics.

What Is Involved in Monument Arrangements?

Your monument or headstone is one of the most essential parts of honoring your loved one’s legacy. There are a few components you’ll need to choose during the pre-planning process, including:

Headstone Materials

Dozens of headstone materials are available based on your budget and personal preferences. For example, granite is a classic and durable option that will withstand generations. It comes in various textures and unique colors, including gray, pink, or blue. However, regardless of your chosen material, always ensure it’s of good quality and captures your loved one’s spirit.

The Shape and Design

Upright rectangular stones are the norm, but other shapes, such as rounded, slanted, or curved, can be more unique. If you’d like a more personalized look, work with the memorial provider to design a custom shape and design reflecting your loved one’s personality. From images to religious symbols, there are countless ways you can incorporate meaningful design elements your loved one would enjoy.

Creating The Inscription

Writing the inscription is often the most emotional and unique part of the planning process. At the very least, you should add your loved one’s full name, the year they were born, and the year they passed. To make it more personal, try adding a short poem, quote, or loving message that best commemorates their life.

Main Benefits Of Pre-Planning Your Monument

So why is pre-planning a monument a wise choice? Let’s review a few key benefits this approach offers:

It’s More Cost Effective

Funeral expenses today are high, with an average of $8,300 in 2023. But when you choose to pre-plan your monument or other aspects of your loved one’s memorial, you can lock in pricing before it goes up. You may also have the option to pay in installments over months or years, making it easier to spread out costs affordably.

More Personalization And Flexibility

When you try to plan everything right after your loss, it’s easy to miss details you wanted to include in your monument. Pre-planning gives you complete control of the process and lets you take the time to decide on each element. You’ll also have much more flexibility to make last-minute changes without issues.

You Avoid Family Disputes

Grief will inevitably put a lot of stress on your family, and even minor disagreements can turn into significant arguments due to different perspectives on the monument’s design, the funeral’s location, and other essential details. Pre-planning helps you reduce the chance of any potential conflict down the road, giving you and your family the flexibility to plan everything in peace.

Start The Pre-Planning Process With Our Help

Pre-planning your monument will save you time, money, and potential disagreement with family members. Our experts at Eternal Memorials have been offering memorial and monument pre-planning services to grieving families since 1914. We’re here to guide you through the entire process and will help you create a memorial that will stand the test of time. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to learn more information about our services today.

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